Security of P3

P3 is maintained as a hosted website by Maze Consulting at physically secure Data Centres.  Physical controls include security barriers, visual entry/exit verification and CCTV and security alarm controls over the control room.  The Data Centres supports 128bit SSL encryption on all servers which is more than 300 septillion times stronger than standard SSL.  IP design, firewalls and redundant network connections are designed to resist hackers and denial of service attacks.


Intrusion detection systems can detect suspicious website traffic and the point of origin of most hacking attempts allowing Maze Consulting to assist us to track any attempts to hack P3.


Maze Consulting provide BGP routing to enable connections to gain maximum performance, with 100% uptime.  There are at least two back up lines available for instantaneous switching, should one fail.  Systems are covered by APC UPS back up systems.


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